Winter Showcase

This performance contains 3 shows:

Dolly the Polka-Dotted Llama of Mackindoo Zoo by the Let's Do a Play class (1st-5th)

The Grumps of Ring-a-Ding Town by the First Stages class (K-3rd)

The Clearing by the LDAP: One Act class (6th-12th)

Each show is 25-35 minutes with 15-minute intermissions and concessions between.

Total running time is approximately 2 hours.


  • Tues, Dec 13th @ 6:30pm

Tickets available online starting Nov 3rd and at the door starting at 5:30pm.

General Seating

$2 - Adult / Youth (2-18)

Performers are seated in the audience. Please order a free performer ticket with your other tickets.

More tickets will be available at the door!

Dolly the Polka Dotted Lama and the Mackindoo Zoo

performed by Let's Do a Play (1st-5th)

The Grumps of Ring-a-Ding Town

performed by First Stages (K-4th)

The Clearing

by Jennifer Reif

performed by Let's Do a Play: One Act (6th-12th)