The Truth About Trolls

This performance contains 3 shows:

Cinderelly by the Let's Do a Play class (1st-5th)

The Truth About Trolls by First Stages (K-3rd)

12 Reasons to Not Do a Play by the Middle School - Let's Do A Play class (6th-9th)

Each show is 25-35 minutes with 15-minute intermissions and concessions between.

Total running time is approximately 2 hours.


  • Wed, Dec 4 @ 6:30pm

Tickets available at the door starting at 5:30pm.

Assigned Seating

$2 Suggested Donation

Performers receive a complimentary ticket/seat

A well-guarded bridge separates two lands keeping the rumors flying and the truth out. The Billies find their well-constructed cupboards are running short on food. The Trolls have plenty of food but their houses are falling apart. When a young Billy and a young Troll mistakenly meet under the bridge and become friends, will Little Billy be able to convince his family and town the truth about trolls before its too late!? Students will get to play wonderfully fun characters that celebrate commonalities and differences and lots of fun big personalities.

Music and Lyrics by Melodee Miller

Music by Mary September

Directed by Dorothy Pierce