Theatre Calendar

This calendar can be viewed in Monthly, Weekly or Agenda format, and it can be downloaded by clicking on the (+Google Calendar) box at the bottom. See bottom of this page for abbreviations.

When downloading, you can select one or more individual classes. Google may only download 4 calendars at a time, so just click (+Google Calendar) again to get the remaining calendars.

AMT = Advanced Musical Theater (9th-12th) - pdf Fall 2022

DA = Developing Artists (7th-12th) - pdf Fall 2022

FS = First Stages (K-3rd) - pdf Fall 2022

PRO = Play Productions (9th-12th) or They Fight Class - pdf Fall 2022

TC = Technical Theater Class

Thespian = Thespian Events

YA = Young Artists (4th - 8th) - pdf Fall 2022

YAcc = Children's Chorus (K-3rd)

EH-Other = TAG Meetings, Gala, and other calendar-related items

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