Theatre Calendar

This calendar can be viewed in Monthly, Weekly or Agenda format, and it can be downloaded by clicking on the (+Google Calendar) box at the bottom.  See bottom of this page for abbreviations and PDF links.

When downloading, you can select one or more individual classes. Google may only download 4 calendars at a time, so just click (+Google Calendar) again to get the remaining calendars.   

AMT = Advanced Musical Theater (9th-12th) - pdf 2024 Spring

DA = Developing Artists (7th-12th) - pdf 2024 Spring

FS = First Stages (K-3rd) 

SKM = Play Pro - pdf 2024 Spring

Thespian = Thespian Events

YA = Young Artists (4th - 8th) - pdf 2024 Spring

LDAP1-6 = Let's Do A Play! 1st-6th grade 

LDAP6+ = Let's Do A Play! One Acts (6th-12th grades) 

IMPROV = calendar for Improv 1 and 2 classes

EH-Other = TAG Meetings, Gala, and other calendar-related items

There is a known iPhone bug that times will show incorrectly after the Daylight savings time change.  All times will autocorrect once daylight savings occurs. 

If you have any questions, please contact Yolanda at